Employee Spotlight: Jordan Jones

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New Brand. Same Specialist Team


Today we caught up with one of our specialist Underwriting Managers, Jordan Jones. 

Hi Jordan, how are you? Thanks for taking the time to do this interview.

It's going well! No worries at all.

Could you tell us how long you've been with the company, and overview your role here?

I’ve been with CLS Risk Solutions (now MX Underwriting) for a little over six years now. Right now I share the responsibility of the UK Legal Risk team, which is a team of ten at the moment.

Part of my role includes developing the younger talent and spotting opportunities in the market. I also spend a lot of my time sharing my experience with the team members, providing assistance on risks and general advice where it’s needed.

Since we integrated with SRG I’ve also become involved in the Group’s Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) team. Which is something I’m passionate about, and I think will be even more important as we as a group continue to acquire new businesses.

That's brilliant, and how did you go about getting to where you are now?

When I first started in insurance, I worked as a ‘Management Information Analyst’. Basically, I was employed to process data sent over by the Underwriters at the company and make it easier to read. I was only in that role for about three months, because the cultural fit wasn’t right.

I understand that young people needed to ‘pay their dues’ a bit, and obviously, I was really grateful for the opportunity, while I still believe that in some capacity… if the job isn’t right then there’s no harm in looking elsewhere. Looking back, I’m glad I did too.

It was then that I found the ‘Underwriting Assistant’ role listed for CLS Risk Solutions (now MX Underwriting). Again, I started at the bottom – picking up lunches and coffees while learning from the experienced Underwriters. This time it was different though, there was a clear path to becoming an underwriter and when you can see the end goal you don’t mind paying your dues a bit more!

It took maybe two months or so? Before I’d be given my first case load. You’re never going to be thrown completely in the deep end in your first role, but it’s so important you choose a role and a team that’s going to help you stay hungry and eager to progress. For me, it was about knowing myself, and knowing what environments I thrive in.

Once I was given a case load, I was able to analyse risk and make recommendations to the Senior Underwriters, I was also at this time building my relationships with Brokers and Solicitors along with studying underwriting as a practice and taking my CII exams. Within a year I was promoted to ‘Underwriter’ which basically meant that I was trusted enough to make my own decisions and approve cases form other members of the team without needing them to be authorised by the senior underwriters.

I was in this role for about four years. As time went on I took on more and more specialist challenges and used my experience and initiative to help the company become more profitable. I was now reviewing the book (the entire account of our legal risk), taking on some of our most complex cases, and looking into wider projects for how we work as an underwriting team. And that brings us to today!

You've been through a lot with us! What are you most excited about when it comes to MX? And by extension Specialist Risk Group?

I truly believe that MX are an innovator, we’re always looking at new insurance opportunities.

Our business values were already aligned with SRG. Being able to work with such successful people can only be a positive for us. I am looking forward to learning from the other companies in SRG to see how can continue to grow profitable over the coming years! 

Culture is important to me as well of course, so I’m relieved that we were acquired by a business that cares about its people.

The branding was also so exciting to see when it was first shown to us. Big fan of our new look – I think it reflects us as a team really well.

You're making us blush Jordan! What aspect of the role do you enjoy the most?

Haha, well… What do I like about being an Underwriter? I like how analytical the role is for one, you can’t do this job if you don’t love solving problems creatively.

I also really love the close relationship I have with the whole underwriting team. Watching everyone succeed is a huge motivator for me. Especially because we are fast-paced, and work to strict targets.

That's more than one! We'll let you off though. Do you have any hopes for our industry?

There’s a lot to like! I absolutely do have hopes. I hope that over time the industry will become more inclusive and diverse. It’s something I’m passionate about. I think there’s been significant improvements in the culture of the industry since I started working and I’m excited to see these improvements continue.

It’s the reason I joined the D&I committee actually. Especially since I come from a minority background. As a young male in the industry, I’ve witnessed some ‘locker-room-bravado’ and general discrimination towards certain groups of people, I just feel we can do better than that.

With this in mind, what advice would you give to any recent new hires? Any career lessons you'd like to share?

Be proactive, be yourself, go above and beyond and try to form relationships with people as soon as you can.

Ok Jordan, thanks for that. Now just for fun... Tell us something about yourself that might surprise us.

I can do the splits!

Do you have a personal philosophy?

It’s fun to have fun 😊

And, most importantly, your go-to karaoke song?

Everybody – Backstreet Boys


Get in touch with Jordan and his team.

Jordan specialises in Real Estate. You can learn more about life at Specialist Risk Group and MX Underwriting here

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